Connecting, digitalising and monetising mobile consumers across the globe

Digital technologies such as devices, and numerous systems like software and applications have become an indispensable part of any successful business.

About Us

As a global leader in the area of the mobile industry and digital technologies, US Cellcom provides deep insight into where all markets are moving.
It offers the knowledge needed to use all important technologies to solve numerous business challenges while providing a representation of the ultimate customer experience.

Our Mobile Services

We at US Cellcom are united by our passion for what we do. Direct connections with operators and cooperation with Google are our main focus and at the same time our biggest advantage. Our clients benefit from our functional services.

Mobile marketing

It includes strategy which will help you to stay in touch and on the top in the mobile world. Mobile strategy is targeted to a certain user through mobile applications, social networks, and e-mail. With the help of this marketing, you will better understand the mobile world.

Premium SMS

Do you know what is premium SMS, and why is it important for your business? This kind of service is known as a billing mechanism for the purchase of services connected with the mobile content. The content includes games, ringtones, SMS chat, and TV voting.

Bulk SMS

It understands sending SMS messages to the mobile phones for a specific group. Why is this kind of service important for your business? With the help of Bulk SMS, you can use a couple of solutions to receive or send SMS messages, like a software programme or a mobile phone application.

Digital Media

Because with each day there are more and more people that use tablets and smartphones, it's certain that any form of advertising couldn't achieve great results without the help of digital media. Now users can find out all important information about your product.

Business mobile strategy

With clearly defined goals, choosing the right mobile environment, and taking advantage of the multi-device opportunity, US Cellcom determines a successful business strategy.

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Be part of the best digital technology team!

Want to expand, but also learn more about the mobile industry? US Cellcom continuously works to connect large numbers of people with ever-evolving digital technologies.

Java Developer

Java Developer

Our successful team is looking for a Senior Java Developer. As part of the job description, you will be responsible for Java/Java EE development along with supporting the full software development life cycle.

Java Developer

Web Designer

We are looking for a web designer, a person responsible for the design and interface of the entire website. That person will have freedom of choice when creating custom websites using their programming skills.


A successful global company with a capitalization of mobile services, several billion monthly transactions, and cooperation with a large number of mobile operators!

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships

Innovation through digitization and connection with the help of strategic cooperation and capitalization of profit through a global network. Carefully selected successful investments in online mobile payment worldwide with essential cooperation with operators.

Strategic partnerships

Extensive networks

A successful capitalization by mobile users with global support. US Cellcom through more than 90 mobile operators in over 70 countries provides access to more than 300 merchants, and 1500 content providers with more than 1 billion consumers.

Strategic partnerships

Global coverage

With over 2.5 billion monthly transactions, US Cellcom is a successful digital payment company. By utilizing all kinds of digital payments and Direct Carrier Billing, it provides a simple, safe, and efficient billing system.


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Found out everything about technology and innovation.

World Telemedia 2023

World Telemedia 2023

We are attending World Telemedija, the world's biggest connectivity event. An event that showcases carrier billing and other payment platforms that drive sales in Europe.

MWC Barcelona 2024

MWC Barcelona 2024

We will attend MWC Barcelona 2024, the world's largest and most influential event with a large number of experts.

About us

If you want to be the best and show what can you do, it's time for US Cellcom. To be successful in what you do is important not to give up and to believe in your abilities.

The US Cellcom is known as a mobile company that helps develop fun and useful content for mobile devices. We also deal with the development of applications and other mobile products that you may need.

With the experience in promotions and campaigns, our team of experts can adjust campaigns for their needs and suggest the best solutions.

Why choose our company:

  • Smart global solutions
  • Best services
  • The constant growth of applications
  • Quality customer service
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Vodafone movistar telefonica etisalat mtn airtel oracle Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Vodafone movistar telefonica etisalat mtn airtel oracle Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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A successful global company with a capitalization of mobile services, several billion monthly transactions, and cooperation with a large number of mobile operators!

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